Titanium Forging-AMS4928 Titanium Block

AMS 4928 Titanium Block

Standard: ASTM B381, ASME SB381, AMS4928
Application: Aerospace


Titanium Block/Titanium Forging product(AMS4928 ) includes titanium disc, titanium ring, and titanium block, etc.

Titanium Forgings’ processing has been following the industrial standard — ASTM B381, and astronautic standard — AMS 4928. They could be customized as applications. The feature of titanium — low density and high strength make titanium forgings used for aircraft industries. And excellent corrosion resistance makes a large quantity of titanium block also be used in chemical industrial, navigation, paper-making, etc.

AMS 4928 titanium block could be customized produced according to the drawing.

Grade available: Gr1, Gr 2, Gr 3, Gr 4, Gr 5, Gr 7, Gr 9, Gr 11, Gr 12

Surface Treatment: Bright Polishing and machined surface

Condition: R/M

Main Processing: Hot forging, Linear cutting, Water jet cutting

Attention: this product we have a MOQ of  10pcs.



Titanium block and titanium alloy block with good performance, forged the shrinkage cavity and shrinkage porosity, no big dendrite, specific inner texture structure, evenly segregation and inclusions distribution, stable performance can be used in chemical machinery, environmental protection equipment, food equipment, paper making, salt making, alkali making, pump valve, marine equipment, mobile phone shell, chemical wastewater treatment.


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