What we are good at?

titanium anodes

Sputtering targets

Arc cathodes and evaporation materials for PVD thin film technology..

MMO anodes

MMO anodes, MMO electrodes, ICCP anodes, platinised titanium anodes, lead dioxide anodes and water heater anodes

Machining Titanium

The right combination of machine, speed, power, tool holder, and tool must be found for each application.

Special metal materials

Rare metal and their alloys, Corrosion resisting, High intensity, Refractory materials

Why Choose us?

Quality and Delivery time Ensure

  • Rich Experience Professional
  • Advanced Processing Technology
  • Factory direct
  • No middleman
  • No intermediate links

Excellent service

  • Reasonable price.
  • Timely producing and shipping.
  • Perfect solutions and excellent quality
  • Fast delivery

Great Capability

  • An annual output of more than 500 tons titanium products only.
  • Customized Sizes and requirements available

Tony Xu


Our success is built on long-standing customer relationships, the quality of our non-ferrous metal and the level of technical and logistic services and sensitivity to economic, political and environmental issues. Within our organization, we are continually challenging our own performance.

In recent years, CXMET has finished numerous projects that containing technical supports and equipment components.

We provide solutions for vacuum coating, electrolytic plating, petroleum machinery, metallic materials for surgical implants, military defense and aviation industry.


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