Which types of sputtering targets need elastomer bonding?

Which types of sputtering targets need elastomer bonding?

The following three types of sputtering targets are require elastomer bonding:

  1. Pure metal sputtering targets: Indium (In) sputtering target, Bismuth (Bi) sputtering target, Lithium (Li) sputtering target, Manganese (Mn) sputtering target, Selenium (Se) sputtering target,…..
  2. Oxide sputtering targets: Cobalt Oxide (CoO) sputtering target, Tin Oxide (SnO2) sputtering target, Strontium Titanate (SrTiO3), Barium Strontium Titanate (Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3), Lithium Orthophosphate (Li3PO4) sputtering target and Lithium battery materials targets….
  3. Other sputtering targets: Aluminum Nitride ( AlN) sputtering target, Germanium Telluride (GeTe) sputtering target….

The following is table summarizes comparison of indium bonding and elastomer bonding:

Bonding method Indium bonding Elastomer bonding
Maximum operating temperature (℃) 150  ℃ 250 ℃
Thermal conductivity (W/mk) 83 54
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (K-1) 32.1 x 10-6 2.2 x 10-4
Electrical Resistivity (ohm-cm) 8 x 10-6 0.0476
Bond Coverage >95% >98%
Bond liner Thickness 0.010″ ± 0.003″ 0.01-0.025’’

CXMETTECH offers various sputtering targets and provide indium & elastomer bonding service. We have copper, Oxygen Free Copper (OFHC), Molybdenum and Stainless steel backing plates to meet customer’s requirements.

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