Titanium anodes for water treatment

Titanium anode for water treatment always coated as Ru+Ir alloy, and they were brushed and sintered.

Titanium anode for water treatment products mainly used as sodium hypochlorite generator. CXMETTECH's titanium anode products were always used for pool disinfection. The shipping building company make titanium anode for water treatment stock and wholesale titanium anode for water treatment products.



Life Span: Current density≤1000-1500A /M2,Life time reaches 5 years.

Chlorine evolution potential: ≤1.12V (Test Condition Reference HG/T2471-2001)

polarizability: ≤40mV(Test Condition Reference HG/T2471-2001)

Substrate Material: Pure Titanium Standard:ASTMB265 GR1

Coating: Mixed Ruthenium oxide and Iridium oxide.

Application of titanium anode: 

Power plant cooling water pollution prevention, large ship ballast water treatment; Small sodium hypochlorite generator; Domestic sewage treatment, etc

Customized Dimension: According to customers’ drawings


Titanium anode
Substrate Shape of Substrate Plate 
Substrate Material Titanium GR1, according to the ASTM
Sizes 1.5×660×1020mm is popular, or as ur demand
Coating Details 1)Tantalum and Iridium mixed coating, IrO2-Ta2O5

2)Contents of the noble material 8 g/m2-25 g/m2

Application Environment 1)Density of Current <3000 Am/M2

2) Electrolyte: CuSO4 or CuCl2

3) Impurity: Chlorine or Fluorine allowed, but not a too high concentration

4)Temperature < 60°C

5)PH value 1-12

Lifetime 12~18 months
Product Features 1)Stability dimension

2)Lower electricity consumption.

3)High catalytic

4)Effectively production efficiency

5)Strong corrosion resistance, long working life

Production time 15-20 days. Tubular titanium anodes and sample anodes for the experiment are in store
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