Tantalum Grounding Ring

Tantalum Grounding Ring

1.Material: Ti, Ta, HC-276, 316L
2.Size: as your drawing


Tantalum is a chemical element with symbol Ta and atomic number 73., Tantalum is a rare, hard, blue-gray, lustrous transition metal that is highly corrosion-resistant. It is part of the refractory metals group, which are widely used as minor components in alloys. The chemical inertness of tantalum makes it a valuable substance for laboratory equipment and a substitute for platinum. Its main use today is in tantalum capacitors in electronic equipment such as mobile phones, DVD players, video game systems and computers.


The lightning proof electrical grounding ring is provided with protection against lightning break of overhead insulated conductors, as well as electrical inspection and temporary grounding protection for maintenance and construction. FDL type lightning proof electric grounding ring is a two-in-one product installed on the line insulator load side, which is specially used to prevent lightning break of 10-20kv overhead conductor and electrical inspection and grounding device used for maintenance and construction. Overhead insulation line congenital deficiency of lightning resistance level, but also annoying more than.

Item name Tantalum Grounding Ring
Standard ASTM B708
Specification 2” ANSI 150RF
Application equilibrium potential
Surface Bright
Processing machined
MOQ 1pc